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Development / Production


Entwicklung von Antennen A high amount of expertise, coupled with many years of practical experience in the area of antenna technology, form the foundation for the development of our products.
In addition to the traditional kind of mechanical antennas, new antenna structures using printed circuit board technology are swiftly gaining in importance.
To achieve this, we use state-of-the art electrical and mechanical measuring and testing technology and special parameter-calculating software.
We are about to begin using our outdoor antenna measuring field. This will enable us to completely fulfill any unusual or difficult requests from our clients.

All of the antennas and accessories made at our company are mainly hand-crafted. This enables us to create products according to your individual needs. Our mechanical skills, well-founded expertise and diligence result in high quality products.
You are guaranteed a proof of quality and the traceability of our products.
Our products meet the universal standards of our trade.
You can count on us to delivery quickly and adhere to delivery dates.
Produktion von Antennen