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Measuring Antennas

Our “Measuring Antenna” product range makes it possible for you, when using a spectrum analyzer or another kind of signal gauge receiver, to carry out a variety of maintenance measurements with field intensity regulation in all kinds of frequency ranges

The antennas can be mounted to your car roof with a stabile magnetic base, or alternatively can be bolted directly onto a handheld measuring device with an N-Connector.

All of our measuring devices are calibrated and shipped with the print-out charts “benefit flow”, “antenna factor” and “attenuation trend”.

Measuring antennas for additional frequency areas can be made on short notice as desired.  

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VHF/DAB+ Measuring Antennas

GSM Measuring Antennas

TETRA Measuring Antennas

WLAN Measuring Antennas

UHF/DVB-T Measuring Antennas